MATAS OPERATIONS A/S is part of a group with a total of 14 companies. The parent company is MATAS A/S

MATAS OPERATIONS A/S has 6 subsidiaries.

Matas was established in 1949 as a chain of independent materialists and is now Denmark’s largest livestock, automobile, agro-products, confectioneries, drinks, beauty, personal care, health products, etc retailer. Matas Group is headquartered in Allerød and has been listed on the Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange since 2013. Matas Group has over 2,500 employees, 263 physical stores across the country and several webshops.


Livestock provide a variety of food and non-food products; the latter include wool, pharmaceuticals, bone products, industrial protein, and fats. Livestock used for meat production, accessory production, human consumption, such as milk, cheese, honey, leather, etc.


Tractors & Tractors Implements are useful aftermarket accessories designed to accomplish tasks. They drastically improve the versatility and efficiency of your tractor. In some cases, they can even save you from needing to buy a separate piece of farm equipment!


We design, produces, and markets ingredients for milling and baking industries. Products such as rice vegetables, fruits, groundnut, Pulses, Sheep/Goat Meat, wheat, dairy products. We also offers enzymes and malted wheat flour, grain mixtures, and composite flour varieties.


Drinks & Beers

Heineken Beer

Plastic & Metal Scraps

Plastic Bottles

Plastic & Metal Scraps

HMS 1 2 Used Iron Rails

Agro Products And Nuts

Macadamia Nuts

Agro Products And Nuts


Drinks & Beers

Perrier Water

Plastic & Metal Scraps

Copper Cathode

Dairy Products

Skimmed Milk

Agro Products And Nuts

Alfalfa Hay



Cooking Oil

Corn Oil

Agro Products And Nuts

Wheat Flour

Agro Products And Nuts

Wood Pellet